About LawApp

We are singapore’s first, on demand lawyer platform and mobile application that will connect you instantly to the lawyer you need. Whether you are looking for legal aid, a lawyer to help you in court or just to find out a bit of information about costs and suitability, Lawapp is your partner.

How do you find the best lawyer?

The first step to find a lawyer is understanding which area of practice your case belongs to and the seriousness of the situation. If you aren’t sure about the area of practice or need some general advice, please post the question on our forum Lawapp.sg/Forum.

Once you know the area of practice you are ready to find the lawyer who is best suited to your needs. While top law firms employ top lawyers, they also charge a hefty premium. To make your lawyer search easier lawapp allows you to search by the location of the law office, area of practice, lawyer name and law firm. You can read other peoples reviews of the lawyer, look at their areas of speciality and message them directly within the lawapp platform.

Whether you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, divorce lawyer, immigration lawyer, family law, company law, or criminal law, lawapp is committed to helping you find the best local lawyers as quickly and as easily as possible.

Do you have more questions?

Let us help you find your lawyer so you can get the best legal advice for your situation. Or alternatively browse our law database to browse the list of legal counsels. The search allows you to view law firm names, along with having the most up to date register of lawyers.

Can I use the platform to find lawyers near me?

Absolutely! Use the lawyer search to browse local lawyers and their law office locations, filter by law practice, or key in law firm names to find your legal counsel. So you can get the best legal advice quickly. Whether you are searching for top law firms, or legal aid lawyers you will find them and connect with them immediately. Use lawapp to make legal help easy.