Lawyer Guide

Common problems for lawyers

How do we get more clients & grow our practice?

  • We even the playing field by bringing you online into a whole new arena
  • We estimate traditional law firms to be OUT OF RELEVANCE BY 2030 and with growing number of searches showing trends heading towards that direction, we offer you a chance to be a part of the legal tech revolution
  • Key artificial intelligence developments in the form of our patent pending lawyer search function will match new clients with you so you can start doing everything legal, instantly anywhere, anytime and at all hours of the day. Thus making the traditional office hours restrictions a thing of the past.
  • No longer will there be an 8-5 Pm in the law firm, but a 24/7 all hour practice. Limited only by you.

How can I optimize billing time & management new clients?

  • At Lawapp we understand the restriction and demands that regular office hours can have on your billable timing.Whole new arena
  • Use our fully blockchain encrypted patent pending client interview messenger service
  • Use it anytime anywhere
  • Use it for internal communications within your practice
  • Use it to send and receive documents, images, videos, recordings, and other forms Of important legal files.
  • Use it for your client interviews and to clarify all enquiries surrounding your legal practice.

How can we promote our services within restrictions?